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Minecraft Earth APK Having the opportunity to build something out of bare, raw material is impressive. Getting to do what you want to and constructing your own dreams into reality is a dream long dreamt of. No one gets the chance to start over at his or her will, and this dream is not going to fulfill anytime soon. However, it does not mean that people are not trying to achieve this. Living in this age of electronic comfort, the augmented reality is the lifeline of this world. If you want to create your own world of dreams. Minecraft Earth APK allows you to do so.

Minecraft is argued to be the most selling game of all time, and Minecraft Earth APK is a take of the game focused on mobile devices, providing an augmented reality-based world for you to do anything. Go ahead to install the mobile augmented reality version of the most applauded game by gamers!

Minecraft Earth APK

NameMinecraft Earth
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Last updatedOctober 15, 2019


The gameplay allows you to immerse yourself in the story on the first opening. After setting up your profile, you get to see the home screen of the game. You are shown a map, the top left corner of the game shows a profile badge of yours. By clicking on that badge, you can change your skin. The skins can be bought from the Minecraft store. In the latest version, you cannot upload any skin of yours. You have to go with the skins provided by the game itself.
On the top right corner, there is a block-made compass, as everything in Minecraft is made of blocks. When you click on the compass, it shows you where you are in the game. The compass lets you set your direction, and see what things are available on the map for you. The beautiful avatar in the top left corner and the compass in the top right corner make the gaming experience more comfortable.

Once you take a closer look at the map, you get to see what things are available for you. By roaming in the area, you can pick Minecraft collectibles. There are many rare items scattered around the map, and you have to collect them all! The game follows the augmented reality basics, and you can see every element of the game placed on top of the real-life things. The game supports multiplayer mode, and players in the same area can compete with each other. The most engaging part of the game is that you can showcase your collection to anyone by playing this game. Crafting has been the most prominent feature of Minecraft, and you can craft anything with Minecraft Earth APK.

Game features

  • Enable the tabletop mod to build amazing things and share them with the world
  • Make masterpieces by working with your friends and another player in the game
  • Build your neighborhood according to your will, and collaborate with others to make a new-mined neighborhood of yours
  • Get mobs like the muddy pig and moobloom, populate your builds with them
  • This Minecraft earth has all the mobs you love, and new mobs to enjoy now for populating your area, you can make Minecraft pigs the gatekeepers of your local park with the augmented reality
  • Fight Minecraft mobs in real life to live the “survival of the fittest” rule

What’s new

  •  Have early access to the game
  • You can get to know about new features before anyone else knows them
  • Sharpen your skills to top the world of Minecraft in your neighborhood

What is Minecraft Earth APK?

Minecraft Earth allows you to bring the world of Minecraft in the real world by employing the power of augmented reality to do so. The game will enable you to build real-world sized objects all over the place. This version also features new mobs to develop the game according to your liking. If you want to test your skills of Minecraft, you can go to your neighborhood to find other players displaying their talents.

Find a new dimension in the multiverse of Minecraft, where you have to fight, build, and survive in the real world. You can join the communal building teams present everywhere in the world to create what you want! Keep collecting all the resources necessary to construct your builds, and show your builds to the world. Team up with others and compete in a fun way.

However, the thing you have to know that the game is not available to download on the play store, you have to pre-register to get the game when it releases. The game is going to be free to download, and you will have to pay for in-app features. Furthermore, the game is only available in selective cities. You can skip the registration process by downloading Minecraft Earth APK.


As mentioned earlier, the Minecraft earth is not available to everyone at this point. You have to wait for the registration process, and waiting is not what gamers want. Being the most selling game of all time, Minecraft is already the heartbeat of gamers, and the Minecraft earth is becoming the heartbeat of mobile gamers. Download the Minecraft Earth APK right now without waiting and registering at all!

How to install

  • Click on the button on this webpage to download Minecraft Earth APK.

  • In the downloads folder, click on the apk you downloaded that is unavailable on the play store right now.

  • Install the app on your device.

  • The game service might not be available in your city. To play the game, enable any VPN service, and select any city from the available list of the cities.


Minecraft Earth APK Minecraft Earth APK

User reviews

User Review

Lovers of Minecraft have been longing for a long time to get a mobile game of Minecraft having augmented reality, and the game is finally here. The game allows us to take the Minecraft fun to the real world, and this is the most fun part of the game. No reviews are needed to the original plot and gameplay of the game, and the almost exact is true with this version of the game. Having to know that you can play with your friends, plant trees of your own, making buildings, and putting the population in your city is the best part.

However, as this is the beta version, specific improvements can be made to the game. The game is not released officially until now, and we cannot know for sure that what improvements will be made to the game in its first release. You do not have for the official announcement, as you can enjoy the game right now by downloading it from our website.

Final words

There are no words to describe this game, as it deserves. The storyline and fun-packed in this title have made it the most popular game of all time. Although the game is available to play on android devices, the Minecraft Earth APK is going to take the fun to a whole new level. Augmented reality is now fully supported by the latest smartphones. Although there will be more improvements in the future, you can play this masterpiece right now to know what you can get from the original release!

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