Filmic PRO APK – Download ( MOD , Unlocked ) Updated 2020

Filmic PRO APK: Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. With smartphones, we are capable of doing anything related to technology. We can create documents, receive, and make phone calls, and many other things. However, one of the elements, which have made smartphones on top, is the camera.

Smartphone cameras allow you to take pictures anytime and anywhere. You can take your phone out of your pocket to take a picture or record a video instantly. If you lean to make videos than taking photographs, you must have an app other than a mobile camera app. In this regard, filmic pro apk is the best app for free video making!

Filmic pro apk is an app that allows you to record videos like never before with your android device. Times are gone when you had to carry a camera with you. Now you can make most-appealing videos with your mobile by having filmic pro apk installed!

Filmic PRO APK

NameFiLMiC Pro: Professional HD Manual Video Camera
Operating systemRequires Android 5.0 and up
DeveloperFiLMiC Inc.

Video capturing capabilities

With this app in your device, you are capable of capturing sharp and extra high-resolution images that are perfect for a video. You can have complete control over the dynamic range with the ability to capture up to 12 stops of dynamic range. This app allows you to take videos from 1fps to 240fps. Have manual control on focus, as this app will enable you to focus on what you want. Like any high-end professional camera, you can connect your mobile with a wireless storage device to store videos. Yes, you can have all the pro features of any expensive camera by having Filmic pro apk in your android smartphone!

Filmic PRO APK

Filmic PRO APK  More Details

Filmic Pro offers the essential camera functions that you cannot miss under any circumstances. It allows you to have focus peaking, zebra stripes, artificial light, and overlay clipping on your android device. You can have total control on camera focus with this app. White balance and brightness are in the range of the marvellous app. With the desired ISO and shutter speed, you can make the best-ever videos with your smartphone!

Wherever you are in the world

having FiLMiC Pro means that you have everything for stunning videography. Shoot 25fps in the standard PAL mode to make stunning videos anywhere in the world. You can also shoot 30 fps NTSC videos, or in any fps according to your liking. Features like Slow motion and rapid motion make you able to do anything you want with your smartphone camera!

With the In-App efficient and elegant Library, you can do the post-recording tasks without any hassle. You can sort, pick, batch, and even share within the app. Everything, like Trimming, editing, and even downsample, is supported in the filmic pro apk. You can put your videos on either social media or on cloud storage for your convenience. With this app, you can make sure that you record the best videos with your android smartphone. It makes you forget about your conventional camera!

App features

  • Have the Dual arc slider controls to adjust focus and exposure easily.
  • See the Live analytics suite with Zebra Stripes, Clipping, False Color, and the Focus Peaking.
  • Use the Ramped zoom rocker control for a better experience.
  • Make White balance adjustment with the predefined preset, and you can make custom presets too.
  • Have an easy Content Management System with project file naming.
  • Stop worrying about saving your settings with FiLMiC Sync integration, allowing you to store preset data to take your presets anywhere.
  • Have more convenience with Clip’s favoriting capability.
  • Allow yourself to Batch upload your projects.
  • Extensive Gamma curve controls for better videography.
  • Make live shadow and highlight adjustments on the go.
  • Make live adjustments to Vibration, saturation, and RGB.
  • Have three types of shooting modes.
  • Capture videos in both portrait and landscape mode.

Whats New

  • Feel free with Variable speed zoom.
  • any frame rates from 60 to 240 fps depending on your device.
  •  Slow motion and fast motion FX options with the video editor.
  • Have time-lapse recording with options that you can configure.
  • Make a Tri-mode histogram with a waveform monitor.
  •  Make post-recording adjustments to your videos
  • Have presets customizable according to your will.
  • Have Aspect ratio framing guide overlays according to your will!
  • See the Thirds guide for dynamic composition & photo grid within the app.
  • Experience the stunning Image stabilization like never before.
  • Record videos in HD Widescreen.
  • Go cinematic with Cinerama mode.
  • Be a pro with Super 35 recording.
  • Get stylish with 2.20:1.
  • Get digital with the Digital Cinema Initiative (17:9).
  • Stay essential with Standard Definition.
  • Have four Flexible encoding options for balancing quality and file size.
  • Have complete third Party Hardware Support.
  • Experience Advanced Audio Features.
  • Go audiophilia with Headphone audio monitoring.
  • Have the dynamic audiometer
  • Have the Adjustable audio gain
    (some features depend on the hardware of your device)

Get Filmic pro apk without paying money

Having manual controls like a DSLR camera, filmic pro apk is the most powerful HD video recorder for android devices. The cutting-edge capabilities, combined with the most responsive interface, make this app the best choice for your recording experience. However, there is a big problem. You have to pay money to get this app from Play Store. The problem is solved on our website. You can get filmic pro apk from our website without paying cash. Keep reading to get the guide on how to download and install this stunning app without spending money!

How to download

There are so many features that you cannot miss available in this app. You have unlimited control over your videography power by installing it. However, problems arise when you do not have money to have the filmic pro apk. Do not worry, you can download this app without cash on our website. Click on the download button available here to download this marvelous app!

How to install

  • Click the download button to have filmic pro apk in your device.
  • Locate the apk in your device storage.
  • With the search option of your file manager, you can find the apk if you cannot locate it.
  • Install the apk by clicking on it.
  • Open the app to take your video-making game to the next level!

User Review
To make high-profile video & film projects, filmic pro apk is the best choice. This app is used more than any other video making the app in the market. Some videos made from this app are critically acclaimed films. Filmic pro apk is the best professional app for manual 4K HD camera and video recording. This app has Best App Ever Award, Best Video Camera App at TUAW, has the Best App Ever finalist position in the Tap! Magazine. This app has earned a place in the Gizmodo Essential App category. It has 5 Stars, and an Editorial Review on cnet.com. The achievements above make sure that you do not have to read any reviews to use this app!

Final words

If you are a vlogger, filmmaker, or want to make a documentary for the film festival, this app is a must-have. No videographer can deny the power of this app. On our website, we provide this app to you without demanding money. Go ahead to download and install to get the most out of your android phone camera!

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